Constitutional Religious Law in the Supreme Court

Constitutional Religious Law in the Supreme Court

We have rights as a Native American Church, Indigenous Tribal Organization and church. These rights, freedoms are clearly expressed the constitution and more importantly in law, statute and supreme court precedent and decisions.

It is important for all those who have been traditionally restricted and oppressed to realize that we are now able to practice our Native American Religion and expressions of our beliefs in the open. We do not practice in any shadows or on the “down low”. Our rights to exist, to practice openly the tenants of our faith and culture are not subject to whimsy and the vagaries of so called “loop holes”. We have rights, many to express, practice, manifest not just our philosophies but the actual practices that have defined our Native and Indigenous traditional cultures for hundreds and thousands of years. This includes especially our rights to practice our sacred heritage of Native Medicine as the practical expression of our Native American Religion. All of our traditional ceremonies in their incredible variety according to the teachings of every independent tribe, band, nation, tribal organization and recognized tribal corporation and or other similar entity.

More than this, Native American religious practices and expressions are not restricted to only “Full Bloods” living on Department of the Interior registered or recognized “Reservations”.  We are self determining and self authorizing in representation of the specific beliefs and traditional practices which we claim and or adopt. That means although some Native and Indigenous groups may on their own may restrict a practice or membership to only Full Blood or full blood quotient, this is a standard set by each unique tribal entity and or organization and there is no set rule or standard regarding this and applying to all. There are in North American alone, thousands of tribal entities both federally registered and not, both on reservation and off reservation… and literally millions of Americans claim some quotient of blood relatives and or ancestry to a distant relative, many more claim to believe in and to follow the religious principles of Native American regardless from what tribe or even individual they originate. I cite the millions of people who have adopted the teachings of Black Elk ( Black Elk Speaks and other influential books) and Ed McGaa “Eagle man” (Author of Mother Earth Spirituality and Spirituality for America: Earth Saving Wisdom From the Indigenous) and other authors as an example…. there are many more.

However, what exactly are your rights and the legal precedent which give you and protect your right to express your sincere and firmly held convictions expressing both your indigenous and native heritage and religious beliefs from interference and or illegal procedures by any governmental authority?

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Constitutional Religious Law in The Supreme Court

Looking for an exhaustive legal review with every thing from how to secure your rights and file legal complaints for having your rights violated? The following document will be helpful to any legal defense regarding infringement of your legal rights to practice, manifest and practically express Native American Religion and Traditional Native American Medicine. Absolutely if any governmental, law enforcement or other official power in whatever capacity Federal, State, County or local jurisdiction has violated your rights make sure your legal representation has this link and the material contained therein.  Constitutional Religious Law in The Supreme Court