Crow Adoption

Dr. James was adopted in NAC Ceremony at Medicine Tail Couly, Little Big Horn River, Real Bird Ranch by Crow (Apsoroka/ Apsalaga) tribal Members of the Whistling Water (Bilagushe) Clan by the late medicine man Floyd Real Bird and by Chuck and Ramona Real Bird. Witnesses to Anthony James (Dr. J) adoption were Medicine Chief Floyd Real Bird, Tribal Historian Mickey Old Coyote, Henry Old Coyote, Chief Robert “Bobbie” Little Light, Richard Real Bird, Kinnard Real Bird, Henry Real Bird, Pius Real Bird, Sean Real Bird, Tim Real Bird, Nicolle Real Bird, John Pretty on Top, Harry and Maggie Moccasin Top and over 20 other Crow Tribal Elders and members of various clans including the greasy Mouth Clan relatives of Grandma Shirley Real Bird (Floyd’s wife).

Anthony B. James Adopted by NAC Road Chief Floyd Real Bird, Crow Res. August1993Anthony B. James Adopted by NAC Road Chief Floyd Real Bird, Crow Res. August1993

In the gallery are copies of the guest registry and sign in. I give thanks for the Crow elders who blessed us to join their Crow family!

Anthony B. James Adopted by Chief Floyd Real Bird, Whistling Water Clan and Crow Tribe. The adoption was held as an NAC ceremony with consent and blessing of over 20 Crow Tribal Chiefs and Elders and NAC Members on the banks of the Little Bighorn river on sacred ground, Medicine Tail Coulee, Richard Real Bird Ranch, Hardin, Montanna,  Sunday, September 5th, 1993 at 4:00pm in the afternoon. Prayers, Songs, Smudging, Pipe Ceremony, Door way Songs at the Teepee followed by an NAC Peyote Ceremony in honor to bless the entire community. The adoption and wedding ceremony were hosted by Mr. and Ms. Charlie Real Bird.

Charlie and Shawn Realbird Birthday 2013Dr. Anthony James with Adopted Father Chuck "Charlie" Realbird April 2013