NAIC Authorized Member Agreement

Native American Indigenous Church Authorized Participant Membership Approval and Agreement Details

The Native American Indigenous Church {hereinafter “NAIC”} is a self-governing ecclesiastical jurisdiction that has as its purpose the furtherance of Native American, Natural and relevant scripture-based health concepts referred to as Spiritual, Traditional Native American, Indigenous Earth Based and or Natural Medicine including but not limited to NAIC proprietary SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®, {hereinafter “Traditional Native Medicine”}.  The NAIC, an IRS 501c(3) compliant Religious/ Church organization and State of Florida Chartered Not for Profit Religious/ Church corporation in good standing operates under its own Constitution and by-laws {hereinafter “Documents”} which provides that the NAIC and its members and licensed practitioners {hereinafter “Licensees} may only communicate with and share information or NAIC concepts with individuals who agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement.  This document is the NAIC Authorized Participant Member Admission Agreement {Hereinafter “APMA”}. We will refer to you as an Authorized Participant Member {hereinafter “APM”}, which is defined as an individual that seeks to learn and participate in Traditional Native Medicine concepts with commissioned and other authorized NAIC members.  When we use the term Parties {hereinafter “Parties”}, we are referring to the NAIC, APM, Basic, Full and Authorized Commissioned status collectively unless otherwise noted.

Consideration:  One of the primary missions of the NAIC is to further Spiritual, Sacred, Family, Traditional Native American and Indigenous Medicines and healing traditions.  In exchange for assisting the NAIC in this endeavor by participating with the NAIC as an Authorized Participant Member, the NAIC offers to accept membership enrollment for a suggested donation of $10.00.  In exchange for being accepted as a member and or receiving these considerations Communicant attests and agrees that he or she meets the Conditions set forth below, and further agrees to abide by all such terms and conditions as set forth in the APMA and the Documents.

Conditions of Acceptance; Acceptance of an individual as an Authorized Participant Member (APM) does not require that he/she hold any specific belief – religious or otherwise – or change any religious or other affiliation held now or in the future. NAIC does not discriminate in any fashion based on race, religions, country of origin, tribal affiliation (or lack thereof) and or sexual orientation NAIC-APM status is available only to individuals that:

1. Seek admission solely on their own behalf or in the interest of others in their care, for the sole purpose of self-improvement, through communicating with the NAIC or sharing and interacting with the NAIC and other members and Licensees in private ecclesiastical association; and who agree that all interaction with the NAIC and its Licensees is deemed to have occurred within the NAIC private jurisdiction and are subject to this Agreement, regardless of how or where any form of interaction occurs, whether by telephone, Internet, in-person, or otherwise.

2. Agree that this APMA together with the Documents form the entire agreement between the Parties; supersedes any previous agreements whether written or oral, and may not be changed or amended except upon the agreement and signature of the Parties; and, that no agreement between any other person, agency, Licentiate and Authorized Participant shall invalidate or supersede any portion of the APMA or Documents.

3. Agree that the NAIC Tribunal (Church Arbitration by Board of Elders: BOE) shall be the exclusive jurisdiction and remedy for resolving any conflicts or complaints in whatever form – monetarily or otherwise affecting the NAIC – between the Parties or any NAIC participants and or members.  Participant/ Communicant further acknowledges that in the event he/she is dissatisfied with any service provided by a fellow member, Authorized Minister, commissioned and or Licentiate, that if and in the event the Tribunal finds on behalf of complainant, the maximum remedy the ecclesiastical process may award in such case is a return of monies paid for such services.

4. Agree to remain accountable to the APMA and Documents for all interactions with the NAIC, its members, affiliates and Licentiate whether current or future; and for all time periods and incidents arising during or incidental to Participant, Communicate association in any form.

5. Agree that Authorized Participant Member status is active until terminated and that the NAIC or APM may terminate such status at any time without notice or cause.  Notice of termination by either shall be deemed to have been served when such notice is delivered to the postal or email address of record, or by personal delivery from NAIC Licentiate.

6. Agree that all communication, in any form, between the Parties, Members is “Confessional” (confidential) and APM shall not share confidential information outside the NAIC jurisdiction except upon written approval by the NAIC. It is further acknowledged and agreed that if the NAIC or any Member/ Minister, Authorized Practitioner/ Licentiate become aware of information concerning criminal activity, abuse, harm, or danger to a APM or others, The NAIC and Licentiate reserve the right and responsibility to report such concern to the proper authorities.  Likewise, nothing in the APM or Documents is intended to disclaim gross negligence or illegal acts by any participant, member or Licensee.  In the event such is suspected it must be reported to the NAIC immediately.  The NAIC shall have a responsibility to report negligent or criminal activity to the appropriate authority; however, the NAIC reserves the exclusive right to determine, through ecclesiastical process, whether justification exists to move any action beyond the ecclesiastical jurisdiction.

7. Agree that violations by a visitor that APM brings into the NAIC jurisdiction are deemed a violation by APM directly.

8. Agree that the NAIC cannot possibly know if its participants, members, ministers and or licensees’ training, abilities, or services are suitable for any particular APM or situation.  Therefore, APM shall disclaim the NAIC from any responsibility or liability for any services provided to APM, or any responsibility for APM’s success, failure, or satisfaction with any NAIC Member (Participant, Basic, Full, Commissioned) licensees or services.

9. Covenants and warrants that he/she has the unlimited legal right to enter into this contract agreement and to perform in accordance with its terms without violating the rights of others or any applicable law; and that he/she has these same rights to seek services for his/her minor children or others in his/her care; and is not and shall not become a party to any other agreement of any kind which conflicts with this Agreement.

10. Agree that the APMA and Documents shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the Parties and to successors and assigns.  Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to permit the assignment of any of its rights or obligations here under.

Breach and Default:  A breach (also Default) of the APMA or Documents shall be defined as any violation of the APMA or Documents as interpreted by the definitions intended by this ecclesiastical jurisdiction through its writings, that offends jurisdictional standards or one of the Parties, and that remains unresolved after due notice to the offending Party for a period of 30 days (Notice Period); and, that is ruled a breach by a hearing officer or tribunal of this ecclesiastical jurisdiction after due process.

In the event either of the Parties believes the other is in breach, the offended Party shall give notice to the offending Party of such grievance.  If grievance remains unresolved at the end of the Notice Period; the offended Party may proceed to the NAIC Board of Elders (BOE), who shall determine if cause exists for legal action.  Upon affirmative finding, the BOE shall determine the action to be taken – whether mediation, arbitration, or Tribunal action – and shall initiate the legal process.  If the hearing officer or Tribunal determines that a breach has occurred, the offending Party shall compensate the offended Party an amount equal to five hundred U.S. dollars ($500), as penalty for “breaching” the agreements.  The hearing officer or BOE shall additionally award the offended party all other such rulings, decisions judgments, demands, and dollar amounts deemed proper by such hearing officer or Tribunal, to fairly compensate the offended Party for damages or losses resulting from such breach, as a separate award – monetary or otherwise – including all cost related to the legal process.  The total of awards will be defined as the “Judgment”.  Judgments awarded in the ecclesiastical process may be perfected into the public for enforcement at any County, State, of federal level, or through private process.

Trespass or non-agreement: Interaction with the NAIC through website access, events or in-person with Participants, Members, Therapists, Licentiate or affiliates is intended for APM that desire to participate, share and benefit from Indigenous, Traditional Spiritual, Native and or pastoral/ ministerial concepts and education, and who meet the terms and conditions stated herein. If you do not meet the conditions set forth under #1 of the Conditions of Acceptance, or if you do not agree to be accountable to the terms and conditions of this APMA or the NAIC “Articles of Religious Practice, Education and Healthcare” Documents, please do not sign this contractual agreement as your admission in any form is denied and if you continue you are trespassing.  Trespass into the NAIC jurisdiction is considered willful intent to do harm and you: (1) admit that you have been informed and have accepted the terms and conditions of admission; (2) voluntarily waive any immunity that may be available to you from any outside jurisdiction; (3) agree that if you are representing any other individual, agency, or government you are empowered by that entity to act as agent on their behalf, and therefore you agree to bind that entity to the NAIC jurisdiction just as if they agreed to admission individually or personally; (4) agree that you, personally, and the entity you represent, both admit willful intent to do harm and have trespassed on the NAIC causing damage and shall compensate the NAIC without challenge for all claims, compensations, and judgments we seek against you individually and collectively.


Acceptance: By offering and accepting these considerations the Parties hereby acknowledge their acceptance of the agreement formed by this APMA.  This agreement shall be deemed to have been consummated when you proceed into member only areas of the NAIC website, or when a NAIC Representative and APM have shown their acceptance by affixing their signatures to this documents, or when APM causes his/her registration information acknowledging review and acceptance to be transmitted to the NAIC, and the NAIC responds responds with acceptance and award of the Considerations promised herein.

NAIC Cancellation and Refund Policy