NAIC CHT License

Native American Indigenous Church Inc. Authorized Comissioned Holistic Therapists Licentiate Details

NAIC CHT Licentiate is open to any NAIC Authorized Member with formal education in the Somaveda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Indigenous- Traditional Thai Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage (ITTM), Spiritual Pastoral/ Clerical/ Ministerial Care and Counseling, Nutrition and related topics.The NAIC-CHT Licentiate is suitable for those individuals wishing to practice NAIC Native American, Nature based, Spiritual (pastoral/ ministerial, clerical) and/ or Chirothesia based services and or counseling and with all legal protections afforded to NAIC (The Church) and sovereign ecclesiastical jurisdictions. The CHTL establishes you as an Ordained NAIC Minister/ Ministry and meets the legal requirement for licensed ministers performing weddings, funerals, baptisms etc. for states who require and ordination certificate.

4) NAIC Commissioned Holistic Therapists Licentiate (NAIC-LCHT) Prerequisites:

The NAIC-CHT is an Advanced level practitioner of religious therapeutics (superceding the standards and scope of practice of the NAIC-AFM) that has either graduated an approved NAIC program (NAIC College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center CTP1, 2, 3 + 100hrs. of supervised practice), or who holds at minimum a high school education and who has received a minimum of 700 hours training in one or all of the physical, mental or spiritual (pastoral/ ministerial/ clerical) areas of human health and wellness.

The NAIC-CHT Licentiate with training in SomaVeda®, Indigenous Native American Religious Therapeutics and or biblically based nutrition may instruct and guide individuals and groups in natural nutrition and physical health improvement programs, including study groups to learn Mother Earth based instruction for physical, mental and spiritual health. The CHT with basic training in SomaVeda®, Native American, NAIC and or bible based mental health counseling may serve as basic spiritual counselor to assist individuals and groups. The CHT with basic ministerial/ ceremonial training may serve as a lay minister/ pastor. The CHT may also serve as an assistant in a professional Spiritual/Ministerial/Pastoral wellness, therapeutic or counseling setting; much like the licensed vocational nurse serves to assist the professional nurse (RN) or the doctor.  For purposes of this Act 1 college credit hour equals 15 clock hours. Study/education must be specifically targeted to the physical, mental or spiritual components of the NAIC SomaVeda® Sacred Healing model, or, general education that encompasses all three areas. The Commission may be restricted to the specific area of education, or may be for general practice if the education meets standards in all three areas’ (physical, mental and spiritual) of NAIC sacred holistic natural medicine. As an example; if the coursework is largely Native American, NAIC and or SomaVeda® based counseling, the applicant may be issued commission for counseling. If applicant’s education focuses in nutrition the commission may be restricted to nutritional counseling etc.

Best Alternative to Secular Allied Medical and or Massage Therapy License! The NAIC – LCHT Vocational Licentiate for Religious Therapeutics is equivalent alternative to other secular or non-spiritual licensing such as some states require for Massage, Massage Therapy, Bodywork etc. Not only is conventional secular State controlled Massage laws and licensing NOT spiritually based, but there are strict limitations on scope of practice which can and do change at any time on a whim or political expediency without notice or approval. If you have the States Massage License you have already agreed to abide by current future changes and or limitations to your practice not based on your Sacred Beliefs and Convictions before hand! It is also unethical to agree to scope of practice definitions which you do not believe in nor follow! We believe our traditional Indigenous medicine practices and healing methods which have been brought to us by our elders and spirit to be far superior to those controlled by secular authorities and have an amazing scope of practice! An ethical scope of practice.

Please note: that NAIC ministerial, pastoral, clerical massage (Chirothesia, Annointing)  and or NAIC ministerial, pastoral, clerical hands on healing is by definition the practice of Chirothesia i.e. “Laying on of Hands”, extending divine energy and or annointing the body with sacred medicants as a direct representative of spirit and in no way refers to the secular practice of “Massage” and or “Massage Therapy” a non spiritual practice of rubbing the body for money as defined by various state laws. NAIC Members do not hold themselves to be practicing Massage and or Massage Therapy or any regulated secular, non-indigenous, non-Native American, non- ecclesiastical, non church authorized practice unless separately licensed to do so. NAIC-CHT Licentiate providers:  DO NOT see or provide services to the Public. NAIC-LCHT provide private specialized ministerial services and or counseling provided exclusively by and to NAIC Authorized members. Active NAIC APM membership required for any and all consultations and or services, exchanges etc. (The title “CHT., LCHT” is displayed under religious privilege)

Become an NAIC Licentiate Yoga Therapists/ Ayurveda/ Huna- Lomi Lomi Practitioner! We include Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Lomi Lomi in our scope of practice as indigenous, nature based medicine. Your NAIC-LCHT Licentiate includes the full scope of practice for Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi specialist and or Pancha-Karma specialist provided your NAIC Approved training includes these courses of study.

Stop Practicing in the shadows! Own your ethical and moral standards of practice. Practice all the healing work you know! Practice legitimately without fear of infringement of Governmental authorities! Apply for your NAIC-LCHT Commission today!

NAIC requires that all Authorized Commissioned Holistic Therapist Licentiate have a minimum of NAIC Approved Seminary Education in the spiritual principles of Native American and SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® and or an approved equivalent. The minimum educational requirement shall be a SomaVeda® CTP3 Certification Program, plus 100 hours of documented Clinical Practice, or equivalent level of personal instruction under the authority of a Certified SomaVeda® Teacher either in class or by private lesson and apprenticeship. Complete verification of all transcripts, Certifications and or diploma’s will be required before any Commission, Licentiate or Authorization is issued.

All NAIC SomaVeda® courses and programs over 700 hours in class may qualify. We believe that in order to be informed and to practice responsibly all NAIC Members share a common understanding our our principles of spiritual healing. NAIC are restricted in their scope of practice to only those actual competencies for which they have training and approval to practice evidenced by one or more certifications in SomaVeda® Approved Courses and Programs.

Certified Advanced SomaVeda® Practitioners (700+ hrs.), Teachers, Ministers, Counselors, Healers etc. join at this level.

The NAIC Commissioned Holistic Therapists Vocational Licentiate is additional proof of your NAIC Membership and your professional qualifications to provide spiritually based holistic and natural therapies.  It is NAIC opinion that a $350.00 contribution is a relatively insignificant donation and sacrifice to be able to establish a basis for a healing and wellness lively hood and to maintain your professional spiritually based SomaVeda® sacred healing, counseling and/ or therapeutic practice in good standing. The annual administrative fee for renewal and maintenance of the NAIC-LCHT is $100.00. The renewal fee is due before the expiration to avoid a $75.00 late fee.

The NAIC LCHT Vocational Licentiate Membership Document is a way for you to become a member, participate in our ceremonies, and assist us in sharing the Native American Indigenous Culture. By becoming a member you can now participate in the healing, therapy, counseling and ceremonies and sacraments of the land. You have constitutional rights which are listed in the NAIC Legal Affairs and Compliance section. Please read and understand them as law enforcement in most cases will be unfamiliar with them. Laws vary from state to state and it is important for you to understand your legal right to participate in the sacraments of the NAIC. The NAIC does not have a legal fund to defend you but does have all of the documentation to support you in your earnest desire to participate as the spirit dictates so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is in accordance with the NAIC mission statement and Authorized Participant Rules.

A separate NAIC Certificate of Ordination is available by request.

To receive the NAIC-LCHT Commissioned Licentiate from the Native American Indigenous Church, and its stand to honor the traditional vocation of healer, therapists, Chirothesist, pastor, minister, cleric, medicine man or woman by whatever name or spiritual path one follows as a firmly held belief and legitimately practiced, one is required to read, study, understand and agree to the NAIC Code of Ethics and NAIC Authorized Participant Member Agreement (APMA). Reading and agreeing to the APMA is a precondition towards acceptance as a Member. The formal NAIC Ordination Certificate (suitable for framing) identifies you as a NAIC Minister and Clergy, authorizing you to perform all legal ministerial ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, baptisms, hand fasting, vow renewals etc.

PLEASE NOTE! The NAIC-LCHT Document is a Professional Vocational Commission and or Therapeutic Licentiate. The NAIC-LCHT Licentiate ONLY covers the actual competencies and appropriate scope of practice approved at time of issuance. It and the privilege it represents must be honored at all times. It must be fairly and accurately presented to the NAIC members/ clients/ communicants..

Please Note: You will be asked to agree that you have read and understand the Code of Ethics and present appropriate certifications and or transcripts from approved programs in order to obtain an NAIC-LCHT Licentiate.

To apply Please call or email the office today.

NAIC-LCHT Licentiate Contribution/ Donation/ Tithe

Cost $350.00 Initial and then $100.00 Annual

NAIC Tribal Org. Donation/ Cancellation and Refund Policy  (Effective 09/23/2016)