NAIC Church Criteria

NAIC a real church.

There are established criteria that that various governmental agencies use in looking at or determining whether or not a church is in fact a practicing religious entity or jurisdiction. We recognize these modern standards which uniformly apply to all religious organizations and meet most if not all of the criteria. We recommend strongly that all NAIC Independent Branches at the very least attempt to meet and to document independently the following criteria. The following criteria are necessary in determining that there is a preponderance of evidence in supporting the practice of NAIC religious expression.

The Meyer’s Test:
1. Ultimate Ideas
2. Metaphysical Beliefs
3. Moral or Ethical System
4. Comprehensiveness of Beliefs
5. Accoutrements of Religion
a. Founder, Prophet, or Teacher
b. Important Writings
c. Gathering Places
d. Keepers of Knowledge
e. Ceremonies and Rituals
f. Structure or Organization
g. Holidays
h. Diet or Fasting
i. Appearance and Clothing
j. Propagation


In addition The IRS in it’s 501c3 guidelines for recognition as to whether an organization qualifies as a church spells out the following:

  1. A distinct legal existence;
  2. Recognized creed and form of worship;
  3. A definite and distinct ecclesiastical government;
  4. A formal code of doctrine and discipline;
  5. A distinct religious history;
  6. A membership not associated with any other church or denomination;
  7. An organization of ordained ministers;
  8. Ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies;
  9. A literature of its own;
  10. Established places of worship;
  11. Regular congregations;Regular religious services;
  12. Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young;
  13. Schools for the preparation of its ministers.

NAIC currently meets the above criteria through it’s independent State of Florida incorporation and operation as a church/ religious organization (naic-florida-corp-charter), Our teaching -practice and supervision of regular ceremony held both at our primary location and other sites as appropriate, we also network and co-sponsor ceremony with other NAIC Independent Branches on a regular basis, our organization is ruled by a duly elected board of directors and a multi-member board of advisers/ Medicine Elders, our formal CCode of Ethics, Authorized Membership Agreement, Articles of Religious Practice, our growing list of formally ordained Full and Lay ministers, conducting ceremony– teaching- and practicing the healing calling we believe as our primary calling or mission, NAIC Ordained ministers receive credentials and authorizations after completing proscribed course of studies either in person, via distance learning or both in our NAIC Seminary and College (SomaVeda.Org, ThaiYogaCenter.Com, SomaVeda.Info), We have distinctive literature published on all major facets of our healing work, healing, traditional, indigenous and religious practice (BeardedMedia.Com) , regular congregation’s and regular religious services. We operate two distinctive accredited and or recognized religious schools issuing four different Certificate and five different religious degree’s (SomaVeda.Org, ThaiYogaCenter.Com, SomaVeda.Info) in compliance under authority of the Florida State DOE as well as other recognition and or accrediting bodies.