No Charge NAIC Authorized Participant Membership (APM)

We do not require any person to pay money as a condition to joining Native American Indigenous Church at the APM level for the purposes of receiving and participating in NAIC Sacredotal, Chirothesia, Ceremonial, Spiritual or other healing services practiced by our members.

If you wish to join NAIC, but either can not or do not wish to make any donation you may do so by requesting NAIC APM membership in writing by regular USPS mail.

In your letter to NAIC you will need to write the statement ” I am requesting an Authorized Participant Member with the Native American Indigenous Church Inc. I- ( Your Name) have read, studied and do agree to the Required Affirmations” as stated in the APM Description page.

Required Affirmations: To receive the Authorized Participant Membership (APM) from the Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda, and its stand to honor the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, one is required to read, study, affirm and agree to abide by the Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda:

1) Code of Ethics,

2) ONACS Authorized Participant Member Agreement (APMA) and

3) ONACS Articles Of Religious Practice, Education And Healthcare Membership. Reading and agreeing to the Code of Ethics, APMA and Articles of Practice is a precondition towards acceptance as a Member.

Additionally, please explain why you wish to join ONACS and list any tribal affiliations and or previous experience with Native American and or Spiritually based Natural Medicine/ Healing or counseling.

Please sign and submit with copy of your drivers license and or legal ID with Photo, Passport etc. in one single envelope and send attached to NAIC offices. Include all contact information along with full legal name, address, email address, phone and cell in addition to ID copy.

We do not accept email applications for APM membership at all unless processed via our Donation portal. Please do not request APM by email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once we receive your letter and attached documents we will confirm if approved. Approval is NOT automatic as we reserve the right to verify all details of any documentation submitted before issuing a membership approval or authorization.

Please allow four to six weeks for normal processing. Memberships are not valid until you receive the approval , authorization letter from NAIC.