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Native American Indigenous Church Authorized Basic Member Card Details (ABM)

NAIC Church/ Tribal Org. Authorized Basic Membership (ABM Card): NAIC Tribal Org. Authorized Basic Membership open to anyone with a basic level of NAIC Approved training and an interest in sharing or practicing NAIC Tribal Org. Health Care: SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Thai Yoga, Thai Massage (Indigenous, Traditional Thai Medicine, Massage and or Ayurveda), Pastoral Care and Counseling and related topics as a Lay Ministry at our most basic level.

The NAIC Basic Membership is suitable for those individuals wishing to exchange or offer NAIC member services and or counseling at an appropriate level and with all legal protections afforded to NAIC and sovereign ecclesiastical jurisdictions. The ABM is a temporary and or interim authorization to practice while completing requirements for Authorized Full Member (AFM) status. Native American Indigenous Church INC (NAIC), Florida, Not for Profit, is a 508( c)(1)(a) IRS Compliant, Tax Exempt, Religious/ Church Organization. Click Here for Details. The ABM Level NAIC Authorization is NOT intended to be the basis for any long term or professional practice and therefor is for a limited term only.

NAIC Church/ Tribal Org. Authorized Basic Membership (ABM Card) Prerequisites:

NAIC requires that all Basic Members have a minimum of NAIC Tribal Org. Approved church Seminary Education in the spiritual principles of Indigenous, Traditional and or Native American and SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®. The minimum educational requirement shall be a SomaVeda® Level One “Fundamentals” Certification Program or equivalent level of personal instruction under the authority of a Certified SomaVeda® Teacher either in class or by private lesson and apprenticeship. All NAIC SomaVeda® courses and programs over 16 hours in class may qualify. We believe that in order to be informed and to practice responsibly all NAIC Members share a common understanding of the expression of our principles of indigenous, traditional spiritual healing.

Please Note: NAIC Tribal Org. Basic Members are restricted in their Tribal Org. Health Care scope of practice to only those actual competencies for which they have training and approval to practice evidenced by one or more certifications in SomaVeda® Approved Courses and Programs. Authorized Basic Level Members are not authorized to practice any modalities and or techniques/ counseling or wellness counseling which they have not specifically received Certification and or Tribal Org. authorization as a Lay Minister directly from NAIC.

Please Note: The NAIC Tribal Org. ABM is valid from date of issue for twelve months and must be renewed annually to remain valid. To extend the coverage and authorization provided by the NAIC ABM all ABM level members will be required to attend continuing education courses. The minimum SomaVeda® CE hours required to remain active is 48 Hrs. per year, completed before effective anniversary of card issue. The purpose of the ABM is to cover necessary practice until such a time as the ABM member completes a minimum of 200 CE Hours (no duplication of courses) equivalent to the requirements for NAIC AFM- Authorized Full Blessed Member and SomaVeda® Certified Practitioner/ Lay Minister. The ABM may be renewed for one additional period.

The NAIC Tribal Org. Authorized Basic Blessed Membership card (ABM) privilege is primarily for a novice, student or entry level Lay Minister member.

If you are a professional pastoral counselor and or therapists, ordained minister or healing arts practitioners we recommend the NAIC- Authorized Full Membership Card: (NAIC- AFM) and the Full Member Practitioner Scope of Practice. If you are an MD, DO, Chiropractor, Nurse or other Medically trained and or licensed medical professional we will refer you to the NAIC Tribal Org. LCHT or Licentiate.

Students, Beginners, Lay Ministers, Healers etc. join at this level.

The NAIC Tribal Org. Basic Blessed Membership card is a way for you to become a member of NAIC that enables you to participate in our indigenous American Native ceremonies, provide NAIC Tribal Org. Health Care and to legally possess and transport NAIC Independent Branches Sacraments and other Sacred Items that the Native American Church utilizes for it’s American Native spiritual and medicine practices activities.  NAIC Tribal Org. welcomes you into this spiritual movement and invites you to assist us in sharing the Native American Indigenous Culture and Health Care with others. By becoming a member you can now participate in the ceremonies and sacraments of the land and assist us in sharing the Native American Indigenous and Natural Wellness Culture at the entry level of a student and or Lay Minister. By becoming an Authorized Basic Member you can now practice and participate in the healing, therapy, health care, counseling and ceremonies and sacraments of the land according to your authorized and or NAIC Tribal Org. approved level of practice.

Please Note: To receive the Authorized Basic Blessed Membership Card (ABM Card) from the Native American Indigenous Church, and its stand to honor the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, one is required to read, study and understand the NAIC Code of Ethics, NAIC Authorized Participant Member Agreement (APMA) and the NAIC Articles Of Religious Practice, Education And Healthcare. Reading and agreeing to the APMA is a pre-condition towards acceptance as a Member.

PLEASE NOTE! The ABM Card is NOT an Authorized Full Member (NAIC Tribal Org. AFM-Lay Minister) and or NAIC Tribal Org. Health Care Professional Vocational Commission or Therapeutic License License. (These require separate and additional qualifications)(For information on requirements for obtaining a Vocational Commission and or Professional Vocational Licensing.)

Share in the message and participate in the ceremonies.

The ABM Card is the proof of your NAIC Tribal Org. Basic Level Membership. It is NAIC opinion that a $100.00 donation is a relatively insignificant sacrifice compared to what both Federally and Non Federally Recognized, Tribal Organizations and or American Native People have endured to enable you, and all other races to benefit from their Sacrifices to worship their indigenous cultural practices.

You have constitutional rights which are listed in the legal section of this web site. Please read and understand them as law enforcement in most cases will be unfamiliar with them. Laws vary from state to state and it is important for you to understand your legal right to participate in the sacraments of the NAIC.

NAIC does not have a legal fund to defend you but does have all of the documentation to support you in your earnest desire to participate as the spirit dictates so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is in accordance with the NAIC Tribal Org. mission statement and Authorized Basic Membership Rules and Ministry Scope of Practice.

NAIC Tribal Org. Donation/ Cancellation and Refund Policy  (Effective 09/23/2016)

ONACS Cancellation and Refund Policy (Pre 09/22/2016)