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Native American Indigenous Church Tribal Organization Authorized Participant Membership Details (APM)

NAIC Church/ Tribal Org. Authorized Participant Membership (APM): NAIC Authorized Participant Membership open to anyone with and interest in NAIC Tribal Org. Health Care: Somaveda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Thai Yoga, Indigenous, Native, Traditional, Tribal, Thai Massage, Ministerial, Clerical, Pastoral Care, healing, wellness and or Counseling regardless of style or origin as authorized by NAIC. The NAIC Tribal Org. Participant Membership is suitable for those individuals wishing to receive NAIC Tribal Org. Health Care member services and or counseling and with all legal protections afforded to NAIC and sovereign ecclesiastical jurisdictions. All NAIC Tribal Org. Students, Practitioners, Teachers, Ministers must have their clients and practice partners join at this level. (Please note: NAIC Participant Level Members are NOT authorized to perform ceremony, counseling and or offer professional services, they are approved to participate, receive, exchange and support only.)

The NAIC Tribal Org. Authorized Participant Membership and Card is a way for you to become an NAIC member, participate in our ceremonies, indigenous, traditional health care and or familial natural therapeutics, and assist us in sharing the Native American Indigenous and Natural Wellness Culture. By becoming a member you can now participate in the healing, therapy, counseling and ceremonies and sacraments of the land. You have constitutional rights which are listed on our NAIC Tribal Org. Legal Compliance Page. Please read and understand them as law enforcement in most cases will be unfamiliar with them. Laws vary from state to state and it is important for you to understand your legal right to participate in the healing sacraments and sacred healing practices of the NAIC Tribal Org.

NAIC does not have a legal fund to defend you but does have all of the documentation to support you in your earnest desire to receive the Church/ Tribal Organizations Health Care ministry offered by NAIC and to participate as the spirit dictates so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is in accordance with the NAIC Mission StatementAuthorized Participant Rules and NAIC Articles Of Religious Practice, Education And Healthcare Membership, Authorized Participants shall have no voting rights in NAIC.

Native American Indigenous Church INC (NAIC, Florida, Not for Profit, is a 501c(3) IRS Compliant, Tax Exempt, Religious/ Church Organization. Click Here for Details.

Required Affirmations: To receive the Tribal Org. Authorized Participant Membership (APM) from the NAIC, and its stand to honor the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, one is required to read, study, affirm and agree to abide by the NAIC:

1) NAIC Code of Ethics,

2) NAIC Authorized Participant Member Agreement (APMA) and

3) NAIC Articles Of Religious Practice, Education And Healthcare Membership. Reading and agreeing to the Code of Ethics, APMA and Articles of Practice is a precondition towards acceptance as a Member.

 Why do we require clients to become NAIC Members and What are the Benefits? CLICK HERE!

NAIC Authorized Participant Membership Contribution/ Donation (APM)

Share in the message and participate in the ceremonies.

There is NO charge or mandatory donation for APM recognition and membership with NAIC. What traditional, indigenous or tribal organization charges for membership? Click here if you would like to join NAIC at the APM level and NOT make a donation or contribution.

However, if you require or need proof or documentation of your membership It is NAIC Tribal Org. opinion that a $10.00 donation or contribution is a relatively insignificant sacrifice for the peace of mind and the recognition of the privilege it bestows compared to what both Federally and Non- Federally Recognized Tribes and or Tribal Organizations, American Native People have endured to enable you, and all other races to benefit from their Sacrifices to worship their indigenous cultural practices.  The donations go to our church/ Tribal Org. administrative cost and to web fees, postage, shipping and handling to deliver your personalized and numbered APM card to you.

Once signed up you will receive a confirmation of Authorized Participant Membership by email. You may print and keep for your records. No separate card is issued for the NAIC- APM level. (Membership approval is immediate and valid from acceptance of your donation. Please allow seven to ten days for acceptance email to arrive. If you do not receive within seven to ten days first check your spam before contacting the NAIC office.)

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Please note: Your NAIC-APM Membership is completely confidential. Your name and contact information is held for NAIC Church Registry purposes only and will not be distributed without your permission. All NAIC Donations are non refundable as per NAIC published refund policy.)

NAIC Cancellation and Refund Policy  (Effective 09/23/2016)