ONACS Join Full Member Medicine Card (AFM)

Oklevueha NACS Tribal Org. Authorized Full Member Card Details (AFM Card)

ONACS Tribal Org. Authorized Full Membership (AFM Card): ONACS Tribal Org. Authorized Full Membership open to anyone with an interest in providing ONACSTribal Org. Health Care: Somaveda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Thai Yoga, Thai Massage (Not Massage and or Massage Therapy as a secular practice), Pastoral Care and Counseling and related topics.The ONAC Tribal Org. Full Membership is suitable for those individuals wishing to practice and share ONACS Tribal Org. Health Care services, SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® member services and or counseling and with all legal protections afforded to ONACS and sovereign ecclesiastical jurisdictions.

Tribes and or Tribal organizations are sovereign, therefore they have a right to have their own healthcare system. This includes a healing center, clinic or hospital and can be operated off Tribal land. This allows ONACS Tribal Org. providers to provide the various health care modalities that they want to practice and also includes education in alternative modalities. Technically an ONACS Tribal Organization provider works for the Tribal Organization, therefore, they are not governed by local, state or federal jurisdictions.

ONACS Tribal Org. Authorized Full Membership (AFM Card) Prerequisites:

ONACS requires that all Tribal Org. Full Members have a minimum of ONACS Approved Seminary Education in the indigenous, traditional, natural spiritual principles of Native American Medicine and/ or SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies®: Native American, Thai Yoga, Thai Massage, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Holistic Nutrition and related as a Lay Ministry. . The minimum approved educational requirement shall be a SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner Program or equivalent level of personal instruction under the authority of a Certified SomaVeda® Teacher either in class or by private lesson and apprenticeship. All ONACS SomaVeda courses and programs over 200 hours, in class, may qualify. We believe that in order to be informed and to practice responsibly all ONACS  Full Members share a common understanding our our principles of spiritual healing. ONACS  Full Members are restricted in their scope of practice to only those actual competencies for which they have training and approval to practice evidenced by one or more CTP’s and or certifications in ONACS Tribal Org. Approved Courses and Programs.

“This card Certifies that the card holder is an Authorized Full Member of ONACS Inc. (Tribal Organization) and Authorized ONACS Tribal Org. Lay Therapeutic Minister. This card authorizes the cardholder to participate in and/or practice ONACS Health Care and or SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® and church recognized spiritually based healing modalities: Thai Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Laying on of Hands, Chirothesia, Healing Touch, Annointing/ applying with Oils and herbs, Meditation and Mindfulness, ONACS based emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual  counseling as well as to make use of all natural substances derived from Mother Earth: Energy, Magnetism, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Air: breath, light, heat, minerals, sound, herbs and sacred plants, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Holistic Nutrition, Reiki,  and any other traditional, indigenous and approved remedies as a Lay Ministry exclusively with other ONACS Tribal Org. members at the Authorized Participants (APM) level or above. All client/ communicants must be ONACS Tribal Org. members evidenced by a signed APM or other membership level properly filed and received by the church office. All APM membership forms received from new members must be submitted to the office within ten (10) days. Unsubmitted and or delayed forms for membership are subject to rejection at the discretion of ONACS Tribal Org. without notice. Sessions, counseling and or other ministries services performed on the public and or non ONACS Tribal Org. members except in medical emergency, are not authorized. In the event of a dispute legal or otherwise arising from services rendered to a non ONACS Tribal Org. member, ONACS will disavow protections and the services will not be considered covered, authorized or protected under ONACS. Collecting of APM membership dues without submitting them immediately to ONACS for collection and registration shall be considered fraud and grounds to terminate all member authorizations and privileges without notice. ONACS Tribal Org. Full Members are restricted in their scope of practice to only those actual health care competencies for which they have training and approval to practice evidenced by one or more CTP’s and or certifications in ONACS Tribal Org. approved Courses and programs. This card authorizes the cardholder to have in their possession bird of prey feathers and Native American Church Sacrament. This card does not authorize the harvesting of an animal or bird of pray nor by itself authorize the carrier to conduct any ONACS Tribal Org. Ceremony. Card holder is prohibited and restricted from any practice of secular medicine and or therapy not under the purview of ONACS. Card holder agrees to abide by ONACS Tribal Org. Code of Ethics and Member Agreement.”

The ONACS Tribal Org. Full Membership card privilege DOES authorize a Practitioner/ Lay Minister scope of practice for Health Care Professional and or Vocational Therapy and or Counseling.

However, it DOES NOT include the (2500 Hr. Plus) advanced scope of practice for Professional and or Vocational Therapy and or Counseling required for Commissioned Holistic Therapists Vocational Licentiate (ONACS-CHT)

PLEASE NOTE! The AFM Card is NOT a Professional Vocational Commission or Therapeutic Licentiate. (These require separate and additional qualifications)(For information on requirements for obtaining a Vocational Commission and or Professional Vocational Licentiate Authorization.)

Practitioners, Teachers, Ministers, Healers etc. join at this level. (Post 200hr. Approved Education)

The ONACS Tribal Org. Authorized Full Member Card (AFM) is a way for you to become a member, participate in our ceremonies, and assist us in sharing the Native American Indigenous and Natural Wellness Culture. By becoming a Full Member you can now participate in the healing, therapy, counseling and ceremonies and sacraments of the land.

Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda INC (ONACS Tribal Organization), Florida, Not for Profit, is a 501c(3) IRS Compliant, Tax Exempt, Religious/ Church Organization.

Please Note: To receive the Authorized Full Membership Card (ONACS Tribal Org. AFM Card) from the Oklevueha Native American Church of SomaVeda Tribal Org, Please review the  Code of Ethics, ONACS Authorized Participant Member Agreement (APMA) and the ONACS Articles Of Religious Practice, Education And Healthcare. Reading and agreeing to the APMA is a pre-condition towards acceptance as a Member.


Authorized Full Membership Contribution Card (AFM Card)

Share in the message and participate in the ceremonies.

The ONACS Tribal Org. AFM Card is the proof of your ONACS Tribal Org. Full Membership. It is ONACS opinion that a $200.00 contribution is a relatively insignificant sacrifice compared to what both federally and Non federally recognized Tribal American Native People and tribal organizations have endured to enable you, and all other races to benefit from their Sacrifices to worship their indigenous cultural practices.

The code on the back of the card is unique to each member. It can be scanned into any smart phone and immediately link to the user’s information and ONACS Tribal Org. legal documentation.

You have constitutional rights which are listed in the legal section of this web site. Please read and understand them as law enforcement in most cases will be unfamiliar with them. Laws vary from state to state and it is important for you to understand your legal right to participate in the sacraments of the ONACS. ONACS Tribal Org. does not support violation of the law.

ONACS does not have a legal fund to defend you but does have all of the documentation to support you in your earnest desire to participate as the spirit dictates so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is in accordance with the ONACS mission statement and Authorized Participant Rules.

ONACS Cancellation and Refund Policy