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Why is SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies® unique?

SomaVeda® is a vitalistic or spiritually based systems.

It is by definition based on the concept of Promiiwihan sii or “Four Divine States of Mind”. These states of mind are Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. As spiritual beings and people we are commanded and instructed by the great sacred writings and teachings of virtually all faiths Heal the Sick, Cure the Lame and the Blind and to Raise the Dead (Bible Quote, Bhagivadgita, Samhita etc.). We aim to literally practice a healing ministry and expression of spirituality entire based on this idea. We are Therapeutae and part of the Theraputae Ministry and as such practice the ministry of medicine and healing as Clerics, Pastors, Clergy, Therapists and Doctoral Ministers of Sacred Healing Arts.

SomaVeda® Integrates Native American and Indigenous Healing and Traditional Natural Medicine.

Dr. Anthony James founder of the SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies™ system because of his interest in the history and traditions of his father, sought out Native American tribal elders and medicine people to learn as much as possible. Eventually he came to the conclusion that Native American and Traditional Indigenous Ceremonial, Sacramental and Spiritual healing are at the core of Natural Medicine. Traditional Native American Medicine and healing of the 500 nations made use of every natural thing given by Mother Earth. An NAIC member, practitioner or minister may use any natural, non-invasive, plant or mineral, elemental force of light, sound, water and or derivative of Mother Earth to support and facilitate wellness and well being. SomaVeda™ includes the use and development traditional based therapies perfecting the Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit of both the practitioner and of the receiver. Traditional based psychological and nutritional counseling have been shown to be powerful allies in the healing equation.

We are in a unique position.

In one sense we have not seen the forest for the trees as westerners. Western researchers have been trying for many years to locate some set of nerves or other mechanism relative to, or similar to what is being described as Meridian’s, Nadi, Sen etc. One such researcher was Dr. Robert O. Becker MD. Former head of research for the Veterans administration , USA. He postulated and actually demonstrated the existence of what he called a DC Potential Field or Morphogenic Field, which would allow for the possibility of acupuncture as a valid concept, even from the point of view of western science. He postulated , this field operates as a control system through semi-conduction. A phenomena only just now being researched and understood relative to its application to living organisms. Other researchers have brought to bear the magnetic field theories, demonstrating the bodies ability to internally produce electrical, magnetic fields and EMF (Electro-Motive Force)…. even variations of fields of varying intensity and polarity relative to specific organs! Western Science, which has been so quick to criticize traditional theories and methodologies based upon them is itself only in the last few years developing technologies and understandings to substantiate what the traditional cultures claimed to know and experience several thousand of years ago. These ancient cultures developed these understanding, not using sophisticated technologies but their abilities of intuition and observation!

We are in a unique position in that at the present time, probably for the first time in history of mankind, we have both. Access to traditional concepts, understandings and methodologies and to the modern, western sciences understanding and view of things. Not to mention that we at the same time live in the most precarious time relating to variety and severity of health issues altogether. The watch words and concepts for SomaVeda™ are respect for traditional concepts and lineage, synergy, integration, application, mastery, community, Puja (Prayer) and compassion. SomaVeda Integrated Traditional Therapies™ acknowledges the vital contributions and traditions of healing and medicine from all indigenous Native Americans from North, Central and and South America. Additionally we acknowledge the heritage and traditions of healing from all other indigenous peoples where ever they may be found.

It is only when we begin to see the energetic potential and the physical manifestations of this potentiality as expressed , that we are “seeing” the real person. There is no such thing as a body apart from the energy and vitality which animates and communicates through it. The Tibetan’s say our body is “a perfected manifestation” of our consciousness. Take a corpse for example. No matter how intact or whole or complete, we find a corpse. Resembling a live person in merest form only. The corpse bares a superficial resemblance which diminishes immediately and continues to diminish until the corpse returns to the earth from which it was originally borrowed. We cannot isolate any of the various qualities and energies which live humans manifest apart from the physical body. We call these qualities “Life”, and traditional healing medicines have sought to define the nature of this Life force as various energies and qualities of spirit.

SomaVeda® is a Spiritual, Viitalistic and Energetic Based System

Traditional Thai Yoga Therapy is the basis for the “hands on” or manipulative application of SomaVeda™. What Is Thai Yoga or Thai Massage?

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