NAIC November 2016 SCNM, Thai Yoga Center Seminary

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200 Hr. SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Practitioner Certificate Course


NAIC November 2016 SCNM, Thai Yoga Center Seminary

Native American Indigenous Church/ SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center will be offering the annual November intensive training and certificate program in Indigenous, Traditional, Native and Natural Medicine for NAIC Ministers practicing Sacred Healing and Natural Medicine care and counseling.

The November certificate program emphasizes our Core Modality of SomaVeda Integrative Traditional Therapies®: Indigenous, Traditional Thai Yoga (ITTM). Thai Yoga is based on the principles of the indigenous Thai Traditional Medicine of Thailand. As NAIC Native American Health Care Providers we are proud to include the traditional medicine practices of native peoples not just or only North America but from other significant traditions as well.

We will be offering instruction and participation in a variety of NAIC Native American Medicine Ceremony: Sacred Sweat Lodge, Sacred Pipe, Blessing Ceremony, Sacred Breath Ceremony, Annointing, Chirothesia, Religious Therapeutics, Native Herbs and Sacred Plant Medicines and other traditional remedies suitable for ministers and practitioners.

Advanced Thai Yoga Certified Practitioner Program: CTP (200 hour residential intensive). This 27 day, ( November 4th. to November 30th. 2016) approximately one month plus long program, will cover all five levels of the Basic Professional Thai Yoga Certification Program plus fifteen additional breakout and/or supplemental courses. Course qualifies towards all advanced certificate (NAMA, AAPNA, NCBTMB) and College Degree programs in Natural Medicine and Yoga Therapy.

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