Tennessee State Exemptions

State of Tennessee State Exemptions:

Article V. Privileges
Rule 501: Privileges Recognized Only as Provided.
(a)(1) No minister of the gospel, no priest of the Catholic Church, no rector of the Episcopal Church, no ordained rabbi, and no regular minister of religion of any religious organization or denomination usually referred to as a church, over eighteen (18) years of age, shall be allowed or required in giving testimony as a witness in any litigation, to disclose any information communicated to that person in a confidential manner, properly entrusted to that person in that person’s professional capacity, and necessary to enable that person to discharge the functions of such office according to the usual course of that person’s practice or discipline, wherein such person so communicating such information about such person or another is seeking spiritual counsel and advice relative to and growing out of the information so imparted.
NAIC Opinion

Tennessee does not generally require a pastor to have a license to perform counseling so long as it is performed as part of his “pastoral duties.” Tennessee Department of Health and Mental Retardation Rule 0940-05-06-.03(4). I’m not aware of any Tennessee law that would prevent a pastor from charging a fee for counseling.

Communication and exchange of confidential information and spiritual counsel within the context of our Native American Church and the practice of our ceremonies is clearly confidential and protected activity by State of Tennessee statute and by other relevant Federal Law, Code and precedent.

NAIC Native American Ministers in Tennessee do not offer the practice of medicine, massage and or massage therapy, Pastoral Counseling and or Licensed Pastoral Counseling as defined by Tennessee law and statute and therefor are not compelled to apply for relevant licensing.

There for it is strongly recommended that NAIC Church member Pastors, clergy, ministers and medicine men and women only perform sacerdotal and or ceremonial healing in the context of their regular “pastoral care and duties” to avoid confusion.

Furthermore NAIC member ministers, medicine men and or woman are restrained from advertising or promoting prohibited services such as massage, massage therapy, pastoral counseling etc. to the public. It is recommended the following statement be prominently displayed on all advertising “Please note: [ NAIC Authorized Member Name] does not see or provide services to the Public. Private specialized ministerial services and or counseling provided exclusively by and to NAIC Authorized members. Active NAIC APM membership required for any and all consultations and or services, exchanges etc. (Any and all titles displayed under religious privilege unless otherwise indicated)”

All NAIC ministers are directed to include laying on of hands, Chirothesia, energy and spiritual, ceremonial and sacramental modalities, natural healing, Yoga Therapy and or any other NAIC authorized healing / wellness generative and supportive modality as part of their regular duties.

There limits to what NAIC Members can practice!

  NAICReligious, Spiritual, Alternative and or Chirothesia Healthcare Practices are not the Practice of Medicine as defined by State Law!
•[Practitioner/ Member] does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.
• [Practitioner/ Member] does not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.

You have constitutional rights which are listed in the legal section of this web site. Please read and understand them as law enforcement in most cases will be unfamiliar with them. Laws vary from state to state and it is important for you to understand your legal right to participate in the sacraments of the NAIC. NAIC does not support violation of the law. The NAIC does not have a legal fund to defend you but does have all of the documentation to support you in your earnest desire to participate as the spirit dictates so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others and is in accordance with the NAIC mission statement and Authorized Participant Rules. For specific legal opinions regarding the above issues we recommend that you contact our ONACS Legal Advisors and or Counsel.